Women-Led Games Event Set to Showcase Tons of Fantastic Games!

A few weeks back, news surfaced that the Steam Women’s Day Sale was canceled. This was devastating news for many indie studios, developers, and gamers. An ESA poll from 2022 showed that 48% of gamers identify as female, so this cancellation shuts out a large player base. Now, a few weeks later, a new push to celebrate women game developers and women-led studios is here. Charmaine Duff (SkyReach Studio) and Jenny Windom (Kepler Interactive/Soft Not Weak/Wholesome Games) will be hosting The Women-led Games Event on Steam. This event is giving talented and hardworking women in this industry time in the spotlight and a voice.

Women don’t need to ask for a seat at the table: we’re creating the spaces we want to see.

Women-led Games

This event will run on Steam from April 7 – April 9, 2023. As it stands now there are about 60+ titles participating. Some will have demos, and some are already released games for you to check out. Others are games coming that you will want to add to your wishlist (I know I have added a bunch already!) Check out just a little of what is offered, below:

As you can see above, this is just a small showing of what this event offers. The participating games span many genres; There is something here for everyone. City builders like The Wandering Village and Gourdlets. Cozy games that have you catching bugs (Insectarium), or running a magical family inn (Innchanted). There will be roguelites, JRPGs, MMO’s and so much more.

To learn more about The Women-led Games Event you can head over to their website or Twitter.

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