Welcome to Calyx, a Mysterious and Beautiful world

Techtonica Early Access Impressions

*Game key provided by developer*

Automation games are those games that I play and forget that time exists, and Techtonica is no different. Techtonica is easily one of my most anticipated releases for 2023. It has finally launched into early access and there is a whole lot in store for fans of automation and factory building.

A Beautiful Underground World

Techtonica is an absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing world to behold. It reminds me of finding the beautiful biomes of Subnautica or breathtaking worlds in No Man’s Sky. I find myself often just standing on my factories staring at the flora surrounding my machines and I. This amazing planet has a lot going on under the surface (literally) and this has kept my attention and propelled me to continue exploring.

With such a beautiful and interesting world you will be exploring a lot. creating mineshafts, searching for ore, clearing out areas for building for example. You’ll uncover abandoned factories from previous expeditions which will provide all kinds of new items to progress. Even some require you to build certain items to gain access to the goods. It gives more purpose than just build until you can build no more.

Automation is the Name of the Game

Factory building fans be ready to get lost in this one. This game has the same level of sophistication of automation that you have come to love in Satisfactory and Factorio. You can automate, everything here. Creating vast networks of miners, assemblers, and so much more. Create massive factories any way your imagination can design. As you progress through, you will find abandoned factories that allow for new research, which provides new machines, upgrades, and so much more.

To top it all off, Techtonica offers an actual story. There is a narrative here. A reason for building the things you are. A reason to explore and find the artifacts you do. I won’t divulge too much because this is quite a treat for this style of game. It’s interesting, done well, and keeps you motivated to discover the secrets that Calyx holds below.


  • BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Explore the cavernous depths of Techtonica surrounded by bioluminescent flora in first-person.
  • FACTORY BUILDING. Power your mining and production with dynamic and interlinked factory systems.
  • COMPLETE AUTOMATION. Conveyor belts and unique travel systems make sprawling, automated factories easier to build, connect, and traverse.
  • REWARDING UPGRADES. Start small and get massive with gameplay systems that continually evolve with new challenges and solutions.
  • AURAL NIRVANA. Techtonica arrives with a build-inspiring original soundtrack from Cityfires (20XXCatlateral Damage: Remeowstered).
  • CO-OP. Techtonica will be entirely playable alone or with up to four-player co-op.

This has been a game I could not wait to get and so far I am not even remotely disappointed. I am hoping to try out co-op here soon so that I can build and explore with my friends. Fans of factory games definitely need to grab this one. Check out the roadmap below for just the next few updates too!

You can go grab Techtonica over on Steam for $29.99 USD. I know this could be a steeply priced game, but honestly with what is packaged in this early access release, you will get your moneys worth. You can also grab the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and if you have Game Pass, you can get it there too!

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