Upcoming Strategy games for 2021 & Beyond to look out for

Continuing in my Upcoming Games Series we now look to Strategy games set to release in 2021 and beyond. 2020 brought us some great strategy games like Tenderfoot Tactics, Fae Tactics, and much more. Coming into 2021 there are a number more strategy games to be on the lookout for and here are a few notable games to add to your lists.

Fights in Tight Spaces – Ground Shatter

Building on the momentum that the deckbuilding genre got this year, Fights in Tight Spaces plans to give a roundhouse kick to it and bring a welcome change to the genre. Your deck consists of various fighting moves, dodges, grapples, and more. With this, you then move your character on the grid to fight your enemies. You can go in for a full-frontal assault or use your environment or even the other enemies to do your bidding. It’s all presented in a minimalist color scheme that really allows focusing on the important stuff. Kicking your enemy’s asses. Set for an early 2021 release, this is easily one of my top anticipated games of next year. Check it out on Steam and Twitter.

The Last Spell – CCCP

The Last Spell is part Strategy, Roguelite, Tower Defense, and a dash of a city builder. During the daytime, you are tasked to rebuild your city and beef up its defenses. The city will provide you with ways to get new items and regenerate lost mana and health between battles. At night is where The Last Spell really changes the strategy genre. You are attacked by hundreds of enemies bent on destroying you, your squad, and the entire town. Build your squad however you want. You can even create your own classes with its open system. The game isn’t set for a specified date yet but I am hoping 2021 will see it’s release. Check out the game and its demo which lets you play the first 5 nights on Steam and follow the dev for updates on Twitter.

Iron Vulture – 001 Studios

In Iron Vulture you command 6 unique soldiers in real-time combat across three lanes. Waves of mutated enemies move towards you while you move your characters around on the grid to best dispatch them. Every soldier has a unique fighting style that you must use to fight off the horde quickly and efficiently. Each soldier has a talent tree and can be altered using tactical chips and a food system to give bonuses also aids in creating unique play styles. Check the game out on Steam and Twitter.

Voxel Tactics – Dot Dot Studio

I’m a sucker for colorful games and blocky games. Voxel Tactics checks those off and more! Voxel Tactics is a Strategy RPG where you and your band of heroes journey across the world to rid the land of evil. Rebuild and expand your hometown to fill with villagers that will provide stories, quest lines, and people to recruit. No set release date for this one but here’s to hoping we see it in 2021. Check the game out on Steam and Twitter.

Ruin Raiders – OverPowered Team

Ruin Raiders is a turn-based tactical roguelite that has you commanding a squad sent on a suicide mission. All the levels are procedurally generated thus giving it a unique feel with every playthrough. The game has over a hundred items to loot along the way which will give you weapons, grenades, and accessories to equip or craft. You have a base you can upgrade and expand which will allow for powerful upgrades to your squad. There are also unlockable raider classes and abilities to find along the way. No news currently on the release other than a coming soon label. Check out the game on Steam and Twitter for more information.

There are a bunch of amazing looking Strategy games coming in the next year or more. These are just a few that really popped out to me. Do you know of a game that is not on the list that you’re excited about? Let us know below in the comments and stay tuned for more Upcoming Game coverage!

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