Upcoming Roguelites for 2022 and beyond

I love roguelites. I think as I have grown older and have kids the ability to sit down and play long games just isn’t for me anymore. Roguelites allow for quick pick up and play sessions that can be just as rewarding as 80-hour games. Let’s take a look at 8 games coming in 2022 and beyond.

Beyond The Long Night – Noisy Head Games *

Beyond the Long Night blends twin-stick shooting with a whimsical indie adventure game. You are a ghost with unfinished business and are trying to get out of the underground to the overworld. Throughout the underworld are enemies, treasure, and other ghosts to help you along the way. This one has a killer soundtrack and is a lot of fun (there is a demo!!) It will be launching a Kickstarter in 2022.

Tombstar – Andy Sum, Marcus Grambau

I got to take part in a beta playthrough of Tombstar and I must say I was hooked. You and a group of fellow gunslingers join forces to take out the biggest outlaw in the Frontier Galaxy. The devs here have given a fun twin-stick shooter with lots of loot and modifiers and a good level of challenge. Tombstar comes to Steam in early 2022.

Bibots – Square Squid

Fans of Enter the Gungeon take notice. Bibots looks to bring the chaotic bullet-hell twin-stick shooting of EtG and give it a sci-fi twist. Choose a Bibot to join Tayar to aid you in your battle against numerous enemies. Fight, die, and repeat until you save the world! Bibots doesn’t have an official release yet but I am hoping we see a 2022 release. Wishlist on Steam.

Elsie – Knight Shift Games

Elsie is an action roguelite that has permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and a wide scope of weapons and items. Knight Shift Games made each room in the procedurally generated world so you know you will always have functional and interesting rooms to play within. With Classes, leveling, and a plethora of items this is one fun roguelite that I cannot wait for. Try the demo and wishlist the game on Steam.

Deflector – Arrowfist games

Deflector is an intense roguelite bullet hell with quite the twist, deflection. In Deflector you will be bombarded by bullets and your best chance at living is to send those back where they came from. Deflector has a free form upgrade system allowing you to control your character’s growth and make unique runs. Choose from multiple characters to play as and get deflecting! Check out the Demo here and wishlist the game on Steam. Deflector has a release date of January 20, 2022.

Swordcery – Temple Door Games

Swordcery is an action RPG roguelite with melee being the focus. The game has an abundance of varying swords to use, each with its own unique ability. There are sword classes that will each have a combo specific to that class. Along with active/passive items, sword class upgrades, and procedurally generated dungeons, Swordcery has a lot to offer. Check out the demo here and wishlist the game here.

Loot River – Straka.Studio

Set in a procedurally generated labyrinth, Loot River is an action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat with spatial block-shifting. Think of a slide puzzle that you can fight enemies on. It has such a unique idea and way of traversing the dungeons that keep your attention and makes for some interesting enemy takedowns. Loot, explore, cast spells, die, and repeat. Loot River is coming soon, wishlist and play the demo on Steam.

Cult of the Lamb – Massive Monsters

Cult of the Lamb is definitely up there in one of my most anticipated titles of 2022. I love Massive Monsters first game, Adventure Pals, and the trailer for Cult of the Lamb does not disappoint! Build your cult’s headquarters with structures and followers. Set out into the procedurally generated world to smite nonbelievers and more. This game looks adorably twisted and I cannot wait! Wishlist on Steam.

As always this is just a small offering of games I am looking forward to. There were a couple of chinese developed games that I am really looking forward to but, information was hard to come by currently. Rest assured I will keep an eye on them and bring them to your attention when more info is available. What roguelites are you looking forward to in 2022?

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