Trapped in a painting with your soul on the line

Making a deal with the Devil usually doesn’t go well for you. The Law of unintended consequences usually blows up in your face. In Summertime Madness this is exactly the case.

Prague July 20th, 1945. The beautiful city is being ravaged by war. Buildings are falling, fire is besieging the town, and everything is set to be destroyed. You play a painter that has isolated himself from the ravaged city. You paint beautiful scenes all with the desire to leave the hellscape behind.

One night a mysterious man appears in your home, offering you the chance to escape. This deal will allow you to enter one of your creations. The chance to go far away and escape the war-torn city. As with any devil deal, there is a catch; You must escape by midnight or your soul will forever be encased in your canvas.

With no other hope for the world surrounding you and an overbearing desire to get away from the death surrounding you, you take the deal and are immediately sent into the world of Summertime Madness.


The gameplay in Summertime Madness is very reminiscent of other first-person puzzle games like The Talos Principle or Manifold Garden. You are in this beautiful and unique world filled with surreal landscapes. As you progress through the game you will find mysteries and hidden secrets throughout. Like an ever-changing boat, to space whales flying by a precarious dock at the moon. The puzzles in the game are simple in their design but challenging to solve. The demo left me wanting much much more.

Summertime Madness releases June 17th, 2021 and has a demo available on Steam. You can also follow DP Games on their Twitter page and Website.

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