The Life Sim Sandbox RPG, Kynseed, 1.0 to Release soon! 

Guildford, UK – 10 November 2022. Indie studio PixelCount Studios has announced Kynseed will have its long-awaited 1.0 launch for PC on December 6, 2022. Kynseed is a Life Sim Sandbox RPG where players build an everlasting legacy. 

Developed by veterans of the Fable series, in Kynseed, players plant a mystical acorn and raise it into a family tree where their choices form the branches. You will raise a family, farm the land, run a business, and explore a vast world as its inhabitants age and reveal their secrets. Upon your character’s death, you will then take control of your children and continue the adventure across generations.

Throughout its early access period, Kynseed has grown a TON! It has been one of those games that I start and I swear I blink and it’s been 4 hours. The world is beautifully crafted with lots of activities to do and things to see. Crafting is what really stood out to me. You’ll be cutting your vegetables for your meals, taking your blacksmith hammer to hone your blades, and so much more. It’s a unique and welcoming experience.

Get ready for an epic tale of adventure and ambition. Discover the world of Kynseed through a beautifully hand-crafted world. Uncover the secrets of the land of Quill and its cast of memorable characters. 

Kynseed Features:  

  • A generation-spanning story. Embark upon an epic adventure filled with joy, sorrow, comedy, and tragedy, where choices matter and decisions echo through the generations. 
  • Run a business. Forge tools as a blacksmith, run a store, mix potions as an apothecary, or find other ways to build a fortune.  
  • A world of exploration. The land of Quill is filled with characters, secrets, danger, and dark faery tale creatures to battle. 
  • Farm the land. Grow ingredients for food and potions, work the soil, and set up a home for your family.  
  • Develop Relationships. Quill is full of colorful NPCs who will remember your deeds, actions, and pranks.   
  • Find proverbs. Unlock the lore and secrets of this mysterious dark faery tale world. 
  • Gather materials. Forage and farm to craft items, cook recipes or mix cures for a range of bizarre maladies. 

Kynseed is the game we’ve always dreamed of making,” said PixelCount Co-Founder Neal Whitehead. “When Charlie and I first met we were united by our shared passion for the kind of quirky, unique, and very British adventures we were able to develop together with the team at Lionhead, and we’re certain we’re not alone. Over the last few years working on Kynseed we’ve seen our Early Access community grow to more 100,000 players. We’re looking forward to opening the land of Quill to even more players, and we can promise launch day won’t be the end of this tale…” 

Kynseed 1.0 will launch for PC on December 6th, 2022, and is available now in early access on Steam for £19.99/$24.99/€24.99.   

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