The Banished Vault and four more games

We all know why people play games, right? They play games for fun. Well, most do. There is also a minority who play games for other reasons, as well as those who dislike games for no apperent reason. But is that really the case? Could there be a reason, or are they just angry people who do not understand the games they play?

Yes, there is a reason for this somewhat bleak preamble. See, some days ago I played Lunacy: Saint Rhodes by Stormling Studios—one of the games in this week’s list. I even had a good time while doing so. But looking at the Steam reviews, it seems like I played a different game than the reviewers did—to a point, at least. And this seems to be true for Unholy by Duality Games as well. The only horror game people have rallied behind in the last months is Amnesia: The Bunker by Frictional Games.

Now, this is not the place for long-winded thought pieces. But I will say this about Lunacy: Saint Rhodes and some of the reviews I have seen about the game. There are repetitive tasks getting in the way of being fully immersed in the horror aspect of the game. But that is based on the assumption I am playing a horror game that is made with the intent to scare me. Could there be another primary driver in the game with a different purpose? Worth a thought before taking the current rating as evidence of a bad game.

Other games that may or may not have a favourable rating can be found below. Yes, it is time to take a look at the highlights of week 30!

USC: Counterforce by Angry Cat Studios and Creatio 49


The Banished Vault by Lunar Division


Whispers in the West by Infinite Whys


Let’s School by Pathea Games


Lunacy: Saint Rhodes by Stormling Studios


A story with an end

I know everyone expect these articles to end with a game I have or are currently playing. But the fact is I have been so busy the last weeks I have had little time to play any other games than those I was scheduled for. I have, however, been on top of this weeks announcements. Oh, you thought I was going to leave you empty handed this week?

I am sure you have heard about Caves of Qud by Freehold games. But did you know that Kitfox Games, the publisher behind Dwarf Fortress, just signed a publisher deal with Freehold Games for Caves of Qud? Not only that. Astragon Entertainment, the publisher behind Bus Simulator, signed a publisher deal with Mi’pu’mi for their upcoming turn-based game Howl. An unexpected couple, to say the least. But here we are.

In addition to this I was surprised to see Stone Story RPG by Martian Rex and standardcombo leave early access. I was not surprised in a negative way. I just did not expect it after all these years. Yes, this is one of those games that have been in development for a long time—9 years, to be exact. So it sure was a positive surprise and a game I think you should take a look at if you have yet to do so. If you want to sign up and get ready for something more hectic and colorful, take a look at HAWKED by My Games—or Fortnite 2 as many would label it.

As I said above, I was on top of the announcements this week, and I could go on and talk about other upcoming releases and miscellaneous news. But I also said I have been busy these last weeks, which is still a thing. So even though I do not want to, I have to make an abrupt exit and leave you with the games I have mentioned above. But I am sure they will keep you occupied until we meet again next week.

Take care, and remember to catch some sun before winter comes knocking on our doors!

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