Tallowmere 2 demo is on Itch.io

4 days ago on Itch.io, a new demo popped up on my feeds. A demo for a sequel to a game I’ve sunk many hours into. A demo for a game I didn’t even know was coming. These are great surprises! Tallowmere 2 currently is running preorders on Itch.io and offering a single-player & couch co-op demo free.

Tallowmere 2 is the sequel to Tallowmere. A deep, fun action roguelike that has you diving through Queen Tallowmere’s violent infinite dungeon. You collect many different weapons, armor, spells, and items on your journey. You complete quests that can stretch for a few levels, and fight giant bosses. The game is amazing at creating that “one more run” feeling. The sequel’s demo doesn’t disappoint.

Currently, you can try the demo for free. You are able to play it solo or couch co-op but upon release online co-op with cross-play is said to be included. You can preorder the game for $9.99 USD and also get some preorder rewards as well. An example of the rewards available is naming NPCs, Designing a Guard NPC, and getting your name in the credits as an early backer.

Check out the demo, preorder bonuses, and more on their Itch.io page. You can also pick up the original Tallowmere on itch here.

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