Take flight in your bug mech in the upcoming Stonefly


Flight school HQ, creators of Creature in the Well, have announced their next game Stonefly. In Stonefly, you play Annika, who is on the search for her father’s mech (that she lost!). You are one of many other small beings living among the bugs of the forest. As you explore you will be gathering resources from your surroundings, chatting with your fellow villagers, and customizing your mech.

According to an IGN hands-off demo, the village will serve as a central hub to the story. You will return to rest and progress the story, craft upgrades for your mech, and learn new abilities. This is very similar to the way they ran the dilapidated village in Creature in the Well, allowing you to explore the world at your pace and have an area to come back to and relax.


The world of Stonefly feels like it will capture a Borrowers like feel. The world around you is massive due to you being about the size of a bug. This leads to a beautiful way to create another perspective for the world we experience. Forests are giant, small marshes are massive lakes, and your average bug is a formidable foe.

The art of Stonefly immediately drew me in. Richly stylized art, inspired by modern art and the natural world, creates a stunning visual for this imaginative game. I for one cannot wait to explore all it has to offer.

Stonefly will be releasing onto PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, and PC this summer. You can wishlist the game on PC on Steam and Epic and follow Flight School HQ & Stonefly on Twitter and their website for more updates.

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