Steam’s Summer Games Festival enters final days

Steams 2020 summer game festival is entering its final days. The event started on June 16th and is planned to go until June 22nd at 10 am PDT. This is the third and largest game festival that the storefront has put on. The first was in December 2019 and then again in March they held a Spring festival showcasing many games that would have been at GDC this year. The festival includes over 900 demos for players to try out, and interviews are streaming all day every day on games pages. A huge leap from the 14 games the first festival showed.

Aimed to show off mostly indie games, this festival is a huge help for smaller developers, especially now that most video game conferences have been canceled for the year. Utilizing the largest PC game storefront to get their demos into the hands of potential customers.

There are some amazing Demos and my channel will be highlighting a bunch for this weekend on stream.

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