Steam rebrands its seasonal game festival to Next Fest

Steam Game Festivals have been an awesome way to check out a bunch of games. I’ve found some games in the previous festivals that have become some of my most anticipated games (Dap, Fae Tactics, and more).

The previous festivals all allowed for demos of upcoming and currently released games and it seems that is changing some. The Steam Game Festival is being rebranded to “Steam Next Fest” to better portray the goal of the festival, To highlight upcoming games. As in previous festivals, you can play hundreds of game demos, watch developer live streams, and chat with the teams about their upcoming games.

Steam Next Fest begins June 16th, 2021, and runs through June 22nd, 2021. Check out some of the games taking part in the festival in the videos below.

A bit of what’s showing







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[…] had decided to rebrand their Summer Games festival to Next Fest and shift the focus onto upcoming games. I love these events. They allow people to see […]

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