Rogue Legacy 2 gets a slight delay

Cellar Door Games sequel to their hit roguelite, Rogue Legacy, has hit a delay. Today on twitter Cellar Door Games announced that Rogue Legacy 2 will be unable to hit their release of July 23rd and will be delayed to August 18th.

The reason

The issue came up while getting the game ready for launch, “While stabilizing the game for launch, we’ve run into some minor setbacks, but more importantly, some features got so close to completion that we just absolutely had to see them through. This means more content, more stability, and more bang for your buck come launch day.”

Though this news is kind of a bummer there is definitely some good in this reasoning! More features that weren’t necessarily meant for launch will be there and we will have a much more stable game. Wins for everyone and a small price to pay for 3-week delay.

What you get at launch

Cellar Door Games has said the game will launch into early access with its core game loop complete. Through updates, every few months bring new biomes, rooms, character classes, and traits with full 1.0 release to be sometime in 2021.

To check out more about the game head to the steam page and wishlist it.

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