Risk of Rain 2 is leaving Early Access in August

After a little over a year of early access, and a delay to August 11, 2020, Risk of Rain 1.0 is coming very soon! Risk of Rain and Risk of Rain 2 are beloved games here at Indie-Gems and I cannot hide my excitement for this coming launch.

In a recent devlog on steam, Hopoo Games laid out what is coming to culminate this year plus journey to release. And boy are they making this coming release big!

what is coming?

Months ago Hopoo Games asked the community on what character they wanted next. 124,000 votes cast and the community choose to have a new character never before seen. We can look forward to seeing this new character with the full 1.0 release in August.

We’ve seen so many things added to this game in its early access period. New survivors, stages, bosses, skills, artifacts, secrets, and tons of items! With the coming 1.0, we can expect more amazing things to come.

why the delay?

What’s notable about this update was the delay. It wasn’t attributed to COVID-19. Instead, they saw an opportunity to reach out to the community to let their long-standing issues be heard and Hopoo Games took the info to polish this game for a solid release.

“We don’t take 1.0 lightly – we know a lot of players have been waiting for the full release to play the game, or have joined us early on in EA and are now holding off for the full release.

“What we wanted to make sure was that RoR2 1.0 was truly a complete game experience, and that means not only completing and fleshing out content, but improving and iterating on old features and content that’s been left behind. In order to meet goals of what a 1.0 version of RoR2 can be, we want to let everyone know we will be releasing 1.0 in August 2020.”

With all the new additions and fixes and the launch of 1.0, there will be a price increase. Currently, you can get the game for $19.99 USD and after launch, the game will go up to $24.99 USD. So if you’ve been on the fence (why would you be, this game is amazing?!) now is the time to get this game!

To get Risk of Rain 2 you can grab it here (affiliate link.) For more information, you can check out the Risk of Rain twitter page for updates.

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