Quest for storied treasure in Vault: Tomb of the King

One of my favorite series of the last decade was Trine. Not only was the series beautiful, but it had a great story with memorable characters and puzzles that while not overly challenging they got you thinking. Having three characters to switch between, each with a specific strength that would allow for solving numerous situations. Since that game, in my opinion, few have been able to replicate that formula as well as Trine did.

The Game

Welcome to Vault: Tomb of the King. A top-down action-puzzle dungeon crawler. While Trine was not an inspiration during the development of Vault, it definitely has some parallels. You control 3 different characters, a Knight, a Thief, and a Wizard. You can swap between them as needed to solve the puzzle in front of you, attack enemies, or run past dangerous obstacles. As you progress you will be able to buy new armors and items that will help improve each character’s abilities.

The game’s story has you start out in a bar where the barkeep tells you a tale of the only travelers to come back from searching for the dead king’s treasure. Throughout the story, the Narrator is there to talk about the adventure and characters as you progress through the dungeons. What’s even more amazing is that the game is (so far) fully voice acted and done well too. It was a pleasure to see from the moment I walked into the bar to when I was crawling through the dungeons.

Wishlist & demo

Vault: Tomb of the King is set to release in 2021 on PC, Mac, and Linux. This game is definitely on my radar for next year and it should be on yours too. You can wishlist the game over on Steam and you can grab the free demo of the game. For more information about Vault head to the games website.

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