Ooblets to release tomorrow, July 15

After 4 years of development, Ooblets is set to release into early access on the Epic Game Store and Xbox One tomorrow, July 15th. Ooblets is an indie farming and creature collection game. The twist is you’re farming the creatures you’re collecting.

the game

In Ooblets, when you’re not farming and dancing, you will have a full bustling little town to explore. People to meet, friends to dance with, and Ooblets to have dance battles with. You can customize your clothing, hairstyle, and home. You’ll be free to explore all of Oob and visit its unique biomes, each with its own plants, characters, and unique Ooblets.

The ooblets

As you progress you can upgrade your adorable Ooblet pals and join an Ooblet club to meet with other people and their Ooblets! And if collecting all the Ooblets wasn’t enough you can collect seeds, items, furniture, and machinery.

This game looks great. I cannot wait to play it and will be streaming it Day 1.

For more information head to the Ooblets Website and the Epic games Store To Wishlist.

Ooblets releases into Early Access on Epic Games Store and Xbox One July 15th, 2020.

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