Noio Games announces upcoming game

Noio Games, the makers of Kingdom and Kingdom New Lands, have announced their next game, Cloud Gardens. Described as a chill game where by using plants you take back post-industrial wasteland dioramas.

Using various seeds and salvaging and repurposing hundreds of discarded objects you work to create unique structures for nature to take back.

Players will be able to take part in a sandbox mode as well with no goals, just simply being left to their creativity to make beautiful scenes. There will also be a campaign of six chapters tasking players to strike a balance between nature and manufactured structures by covering each scene with salvaged objects and plants. Looking at it I get some immediate feelings of block’hood and that has my attention immediately and this immediately went on my wishlist.

Cloud Gardens is aiming for an early access release on steam later in 2020.

Check out and wishlist Cloud Gardens on Steam and for more updates follow Noio Games on Twitter.

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