No Man’s Sky ORIGINS update is live

Last week I posted about how Hello Games was teasing another No Mans Sky Update. As of today, the Origins update has been released to PC and consoles. It brings a huge refresh to this massive universe and lays the groundwork for future updates.

What’s in the update?

Update 3.0, Origins, brings a huge expansion to an already massive universe. Origins brings stranger, richer and more variation to the universe. Deeper planetary diversity, planets have new terrain, new creatures, new weather, colossal buildings, and much more for you to explore and find.

New planets have shown up within existing systems with the new update in addition to new solar systems to explore. You can also find binary and ternary stars in some of these new systems which will bring all kinds of new patterns in the sky.

The new world’s terrain brings mountains and vistas on a colossal new scale. New flora, fauna, and atmospheric conditions have changed throughout these new worlds with existing worlds retaining their original character allowing player bases to remain unchanged. Every planet in the universe has had new life breathed into it bringing richer diversity to them. Countless strange and new combinations are out there waiting for you to find them.

new weather & volcanoes?!

New weather systems and cloud systems bring a special touch. Planets can literally become so hot they ignite the planet’s surface. Clouds seen from space now match when down on the planet. Even active volcanoes are a new hazard to avoid and explore.

There really is far too much to show in this post alone. You can check out all of the changes this update brought by heading to their patch notes. After that, do as I am and go explore the new amazing universe that No Man’s Sky has to offer.

You can get No Man’s Sky here (affiliate link) for pc. It’s available on PS4 and Xbox One as well. For more information head to the No Man’s Sky Website and Social Media pages.

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