Land of the Vikings is ready for Steam early access

The publisher Iceberg Interactive, with its headquarter in the Netherlands, is getting ready to release the Viking-themed game, Land of the Vikings. It is their first release in the city builder genre and the game is developed by Laps Games, an Ankara-based indie game studio of four that was founded by Erdem Özden and Onurhan Akçay.

Role of the Jarl

In Land of the Vikings, you take on the role of the Jarl of a newly founded Viking village. As a Jarl, it is your responsibility to manage village resources, survive harsh weather conditions, and get ready to attack or defend against enemy raids. You also have to guide your fellow Vikings to work together through social conflicts, as well as decide who and what to trade with. If you think this sounds like too much work for a Jarl to manage on his own, do not worry, the Norse gods will aid you with different bonuses in return for your loyalty through worship.

Key features

  • Social conflicts
  • Weather events
  • Enemy raids

It looks promising

What makes me hopeful about Land of the Vikings is the feature list. In most city builder games you either get weather events or enemy raids. You rarely get both. Add to that social conflicts and assignable tasks and it becomes clear that Iceberg Interactive and Laps Games have the intention of making Land of the Vikings the best city builder it can be. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. But it sure looks promising!

Release date

Land of the Vikings is set to release in Steam early access on November 8, 2022 and will be priced at 19.99 EUR and 19.99 USD with a 10% launch discount.

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