Kickstarter Spotlight – Len’s Island

I love survival games. There is something about just being in a dangerous inhospitable place and making it your home that I cannot get enough of. Gathering resources, building, and crafting all your supplies. FARMING. I can get lost in those games for hours. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the trailer for Len’s Island from Flow Studio come up on my twitter feed.

Len’s Island does something I haven’t seen many survival games do. They put the whole game in an isometric view and this change is the reason I was drawn in immediately, well that and it’s a gorgeous setting. From beautiful surface areas to dark, mysterious caves, this game world is detailed and beautiful and has me pining to explore.

Len’s Island mixes peaceful building, farming, and crafting with intense bouts of combat, spelunking, and deep exploration and questing. Tired of helping out the townsfolk or tending to your crops? Head down into a local cave system and discover the secrets this island holds. Really this game seems to allow you to craft your own adventure and play the way you want.

Len’s Island Kickstarter is currently running and at the time of this article is at $16,000 of it’s $23,832 goal with 26 days to go. All backers get access to the demo for Len’s Island upon Kickstarter completion too! Some potential stretch goals include Character Customization, Pets, Horde Mode, all 3 console releases, co-op, more dungeons, and new game +.

Support the Kickstarter here, wishlist on steam, and check out the developer’s website and Twitter.

disclaimer: I did back this game prior to writing the article.

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