Kickstarter Spotlight – Dandy Ace

Something I’ve always felt about games is that there just isn’t enough out there about magicians. Sure you have games with magic, but that’s usually your fantasy wizard trope. Enter Dandy Ace. A game about a magician that got angry at the competition and locked them away within a magical mirror. You play Dandy, a magician that is taking the magic scene by storm, and angered the wrong person in the process. A rival magician, Lele, imprisons you into his magical mirror. You must fight your way out of this magical prison and get revenge on the one who imprisoned you. 

unique magical combat

Dandy Ace, from Mad Mimic, is a top-down, fast-paced roguelite game. You combine and use magical cards to fight your way through the magical prison inside Lele’s mirror. The combat is quite fun and unique too as you can mix and upgrade each card, leveling them up too as you progress. Every card has a default skill and upgrade skill. Swapping these from your main attacks to an augment role will change how the attack works. This combat system allows for great synergies and unique runs.

card system

You’re not alone in this mirror and will encounter and save friends along the way. These characters will hang out in a “hub” where you can find some permanent upgrades that will carry over run to run. Like in all roguelites, if at first you don’t succeed, buy an upgrade and try again.

Beautiful unique enemies

The art in Dandy ace is one of the most unique parts of this game. It looks like something out of the mad hatter’s tea party in Alice in wonderland. Checkerboard gardens, Fancy theaters and dining halls, and more. Enemies range from Jester and butler rabbits to Cuckoo clocks with hulk-like arms and hands! This game oozes character!

beautiful landscapes

At the time of this article, the Kickstarter is at $8,000 of it’s $25,000 goal with 19 days left to go (September 24th @ 5:00 am PDT). Mad Mimic plans to release onto PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with the initial launch on PC and consoles to follow. There is a demo available on their Steam page and I highly recommend trying it out.

Check out the Dandy Ace Kickstarter here and wishlist the game and try the demo on Steam here. Make sure to follow Mad Mimic on Twitter and check out their website.

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