Indie Radar – October 2021

Fall is here and with it comes the flood of game releases and another Indie Radar. It used to be October that would mark the AAA game release calendars for the holidays. However, lately the indie game scene has been capitalizing on this time. Last month started us off with some great games. We had the brick-breaking RPG Beast Breaker and the stealthy and humorous UnMetal. There was also Sable, Dap, and much more! What does October hold for you? Check out the calendar below.

Notable Releases:

  • October 5
    • Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox)
  • October 6
    • JETT: The Far Shore (PC, then PS4, Switch, Xbox)
  • October 7
    • The Lightbringer (PC)
  • October 13
    • Gladiator Guild Manager (PC)
  • October 14
    • Despot’s Game (PC)
    • The Riftbreaker (PC, PS5, Xbox)
    • A Little Golf Journey (PC, Switch)
    • Heartless Dark (PC) [Demo Available]
  • October 19
    • War Mongrels (PC) [Demo Available]
    • Into The Pit (PC, Xbox) [Demo Available]
    • Inscryption (PC) [Demo Available]
  • October 20
    • They Always Run (PC)
    • Escape Simulator (PC, PS4, Xbox) [Demo Available]
    • Jars (PC, Switch) [Demo Available]
  • October 21
    • A Little to the Left (PC)
    • Tandem: A Tale of Shadows (PC, Then PS4, Switch, Xbox)
    • Growbot (PC) [Demo Available]
    • Echo Generation (PC, Xbox)
    • Evertried (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox) [Demo Available]
  • October 26
    • Moonglow Bay (PC, Xbox)
    • Solar Ash (PC, PS4 & PS5)
    • The Unliving (PC)
    • Darkest Dungeon 2 (PC)

Well, the indie scene is definitely kicking this holiday season off right. There are a ton of amazing-looking games here. I have no idea how I will fit in coverage for the rest of this year! This month I am definitely looking forward to a few off this list. Moonglow Bay, The Lightbringer, The Riftbreaker, Inscryption, just to name a few. What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter with #IndieRadar.

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Indie-Gems | Indie Radar - November 2021
November 8, 2021 7:01 AM

[…] month’s Indie Radar out, November truly snuck up on me. The holiday season was kicked off last month and there were some amazing games that came out. Inscryption, The Rift Breaker, and Moonglow Bay […]

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