Indie Radar – October 2020

September was a month full of amazing indies. A few notables were Spelunky 2, Going Under, and Evergate. Now October is here and as usual, this month is packed full of game releases. October is usually the Kickoff to the holiday releases so expect the next few months to be full of games to buy!

Notable Releases

October 1 – TraptionBakery (PC)

October 1 – Drake Hollow (PC,Xbox One)

October 1 – Afterlight (PC)

October 6 – Overcrowd (PC)

October 8 – Aery Sky Castle (PC,Switch,Xbox One)

October 8 – I Am Dead (PC,Switch)

October 8 – Ikenfell (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

October 9 – The Survivalists (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

October 14 – Vigil: The Longest Night (PC,Switch)

October 14 – Partisans 1941 (PC)

October 15 – Cake Bash (PC,PS4,Stadia,Xbox One)

October 15 – Space Crew (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

October 15 – Ring of Pain (PC)

October 20 – The Guise (PC)

October 20 – Amnesia: Rebirth (PC,PS4)

October 20 – Solasta: Crown of the Magister (PC)

October 21 – ScourgeBringer (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

October 21 – Tenderfoot Tactics (PC)

October 22 – Zelter (PC)

October 27 – Carto (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

October 27 – Ghostrunner (PC,PS4,Switch,Xbox One)

There are 105 games releasing in October (indie and AAA) which is absolutely overwhelming. This list is just the ones that immediately stand out to me. The few that have my attention the most are Drake Hollow, I Am Dead, Tenderfoot Tactics, and Ikenfell. Let us know below in the comments, what games you’re most looking forward to this month?

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Indie-Gems | News | Indie Radar - November 2020
November 1, 2020 9:07 PM

[…] are your wallets doing after this crazy October? I know mine hurts. I have some good-bad news for your wallets; there are a ton more great games […]

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