Indie Radar – November 2022

October’s Indie Radar kicked things off with some amazing games. We saw releases for games like Hell is Others, Signalis, Coral Island, and 9 Years of Shadow to name a few. This month we have an insane amount of games coming. There is definitely something for everyone here so check them out below!

Notable Releases

  • November 1
    • Against the Storm (PC)
    • Lonesome Village (PC, Switch, Xbox)
  • November 2
    • TFM: The First Men (PC)
    • Depths of Sanity (PC)
  • November 3
    • The Entropy Center (PC, Playstation, Xbox)
    • Ghost Song (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • RoboCo (PC)
    • From Space (PC, Switch)
  • November 7
    • Soulstone Survivors (PC)
  • November 8
    • A Little to the Left (PC, Switch)
  • November 10
    • Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime (PC)
    • Lunistice (PC, Switch)
  • November 14
    • McPixel 3 (PC)
  • November 15
    • We Who Are About to Die (PC)
    • Bravery and Greed (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • Somerville (PC, Xbox)
    • Floodland (PC)
    • Bound by Blades (PC)
    • Arcane Waters (PC)
  • November 17
    • Torii (PC)
  • November 21
    • Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
  • November 22
    • Ship of Fools (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • Zero Sievert (PC)
  • November 29
    • The Knight Witch (PC, Playstation, Xbox)

Such a packed month. Honestly, they all look pretty damn fun! If I had to choose my top three I’d say Fabular, Somerville, & Torii are the ones I’m super excited for. I want them all though. So how much will your wallets hurt? Let us know what you’re excited about down below!

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Indie-Gems - Indie Radar - Indie Radar - December 2022
November 30, 2022 7:48 AM

[…] hope you all were able to find some fantastic games last month. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Sommerville and Fabular myself. Now with December coming […]

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