Indie Radar – November 2021

Sorry for the delay in getting this month’s Indie Radar out, November truly snuck up on me. The holiday season was kicked off last month and there were some amazing games that came out. Inscryption, The Rift Breaker, and Moonglow Bay (review coming soon) just to name a few gems from last month. While November tends to be the month for AAA games to release but that doesn’t stop amazing indies from releasing and this month’s Indie Radar does not disappoint.

Notable Releases:

  • November 1
    • Zoeti (PC)
    • The Legend of TianDing (PC)
  • November 2
    • Tunche (PC, Switch, Xbox)
    • Moncage (PC)
  • November 3
    • Time Loader (PC)
    • Arkos (PC) [Demo Available]
  • November 4
    • Where Cards Fall (PC, Switch)
    • To The Rescue (PC, Switch TBA)
    • Demons Turf (PC, Consoles)
    • Unpacking (PC, Switch TBA)
  • November 5
    • Let’s Build A Zoo (PC)
  • November 11
    • Treasures of the Aegean (PC, Playstation, Switch)
    • Breakwaters (PC)
    • Punkwars (PC) [Demo Available]
    • Kainga (PC)
    • SYNTHETIK 2 (PC)
  • November 12
    • Junkpunk (PC)
  • November 16
    • Marsupilami Hoobadventure (PC, Consoles)
    • The Last Stand: Aftermath (PC, Playstation, Xbox) [Demo on PC]
  • November 18
    • Undungeon (PC, Consoles) [Demo on PC]
  • November 26
    • Len’s Island (PC)

As you can see there are a number of amazing-looking games here. I can personally attest to Demon’s Turf (I was a tester for this), The legend of Tianding (Video coming), Breakwaters, and Len’s Island I backed on Kickstarter and have been in early access for these. I think what I’m most excited about this month is Treasures of the Aegean and The Last Stand. What are you excited about? Let us know down below or on Twitter using #IndieRadar.

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Indie-Gems | Indie Radar - December 2021
November 30, 2021 7:01 AM

[…] come out. This year’s top 10 list and Game of the Year list is definitely going to be tough! November saw some great releases like Len’s Island, Let’s Build a Zoo, and Demon’s Turf. […]

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