Autochess, skateboarding Sloths, and more!

Indie Radar – June 2023

We’re about halfway through the year and June’s Indie Radar is here to show off more great upcoming games this month. May had some great releases and news. We saw announcements about MicroProse returning, early access looks at Tape to Tape, TerraScape, and a Poosh XL review. You’d expect things to slow down, especially with the summer looming, but of course, that is not the case. June is bringing you a lot to look forward to so let’s get to checking what’s on the Indie Radar for June!

Notable Releases

  • June 1
    • Driftwood (PC)
    • Eye 4 Eye (PC)
    • Urban Flow (PC)
    • Mistlight (PC)
    • Pile Up! (PC)
  • June 5
    • Tiny Thor (PC)
  • June 7
  • June 8
    • Mask of the Rose (PC, Switch)
    • Bleak Sword DX (PC, Switch)
  • June 9
    • Thunderday (PC)
  • June 13
  • June 14
    • Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow (PC)
  • June 15
  • June 21
    • Trepang2 (PC)
    • Kingsblood (PC)
    • The Leviathan’s Fantasy (PC)
  • June 26
    • Furquest (PC)
  • June 28
    • Revival: Recolonization (PC)
    • A Long Journey to an Uncertain End (PC)

Right off the bat, I am super excited for Driftwood, Daydream, Kingsblood, and Trepang2. I’ve been playing Driftwood already and it’s definitely one of those “one more time” games that keep you up till 2 am. Daydream and Trepang2 look beautiful. Kingsblood really seems like a lot of fun and I am not one to get into the auto-battler genre. As is the norm, let us know what has your eye, if we missed anything, or what you’re looking forward to in the near future!

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