Indie Radar – December 2021

The Last Indie Radar for 2021. This has been a hell of a year. So many good games have come out. This year’s top 10 list and Game of the Year list is definitely going to be tough! November saw some great releases like Len’s Island, Let’s Build a Zoo, and Demon’s Turf. December isn’t as light as years past but as usual, it’s all pre-holiday. Lots of releases in a short amount of time. So without further ado here are the upcoming indie games for December 2021.

Notable Releases

  • December 1
    • Wartales (PC)
    • No Plan B (PC)
  • December 2
    • Mechajammer (PC)
    • Solar Ash (PC, Playstation)
    • Archvale (PC, Switch, Xbox)
    • Anvil (PC, Xbox)
  • December 3
    • 6Souls (PC)
  • December 7
    • Wolfstride (PC) [Demo Available]
  • December 8
    • Thunder Tier One (PC)
  • December 9
    • Wytchwood (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • Breakwaters (PC, Playstation, Xbox)
  • December 14
    • Firegirl (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • Impious Pumpkins (PC)
  • December 15
    • Aeterna Noctis (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
  • December 16
    • The Gunk (PC, Xbox)
    • Trash Sailors (PC) [Demo Available]

So many and not nearly enough time to play them all. I am pumped for Mechajammer, 6Souls (review later), Wytchwood, and The Gunk. Breakwaters is awesome too but I warn you, you need a good GPU this game needs a lot of VRam. Honestly, there isn’t a bad game on this list and there should be something for everyone here! The perfect way to use Indie Radar is to choose how to use that sweet holiday money! What are you excited about? Let me know here or up on Twitter with #IndieRadar

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