Indie Radar – August 2021

July was such a jam-packed month! There were so many amazing games that were released. Some Major highlights were Mini Motorways, Intravenous, Black Skylands, and my top Game of the Year contender The Ascent (check the review out!). 2021 is continuing the cycle of delivering some amazing-looking games and hurting all our wallets. Check out next month’s offerings below.

Notable Releases

  • August 2
    • Grime (PC) [Demo Available]
  • August 3
    • Here Comes Niko (PC)
  • August 5
    • Death Trash (PC)
    • Dodgeball Academia (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox)
    • Dreamscaper (PC, Switch)
    • Haven Park (PC, Switch)
  • August 10
    • Mech Armada (PC) [Demo Available]
  • August 17
    • Greak: Memories of Azur (PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox) [Demo Available]
  • August 19
    • Recompile (PC, PS5, Xbox)
    • Tweleve Minutes (PC, Xbox)
  • August 24
    • Hoa (PC, PS4/5, Switch, Xbox)
  • August 26
    • ProtoCorgi (PC, Switch) [Demo Available]
  • August 30
    • Book of Travels (PC)
  • August 31
    • Keywe (PC, All Consoles) [Demo Available]
    • The Big Con (PC, Xbox)
    • Song of Iron (PC, Xbox)

Once again there are some awesome-looking games here. I am personally super excited for Greak: Memories of Azur and Book of Travels. Keywe is an awesome co-op game too. I truly could go on and grab all of these and be happy! What are you interested in this month?

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