Hurl Squirrels and Party With Goblins in Summoners Fate

Summoners Fate is one of those games that feels so damn familiar like you’re at home with an old friend. However, it feels so new and refreshing at the same time you feel like a kid in a candy store as you explore. The developers at D20 Studios are aiming to bring the tabletop gaming feel to video games with Summoners Fate and I would say they’ve done just that. Blending Traditional Roguelike and deck-building games, this beautiful top-down experience has solidified this title to become a new go-to game for me.

A Goofy Good Time

When starting a run you get to choose 1 of 8 classes to play as. Each of these summoners has a unique skill. When starting out you only have the druid available with her squirrel throwing ability. Yes, you read that correctly, you throw squirrels and it’s amazing and hilarious. It’s this immediate power that really sets the tone for Summoners Fate. It’s not afraid to show its absurdity and silliness and I love that! Each run starts with the ability to choose up to 3 starting cards from a pool of cards you unlock as you progress through the game.

The world of Summoners Fate is just downright beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen a top-down game presented quite like this and I love it. The art is truly a sight to look at. The environments are unique and everything fits so well. What I truly can’t get enough of though is the character models and card illustrations.

It’s in the details

The attention to detail and their quality of life mechanics are just amazing. From saving each turn that you return exactly to where you left (even if Alt+F4 was used) to a camp feature that allows you to take resources to the next camp if you’re not ready to rest yet. They even take a moment to explain why your characters look up and I love the way they broke the 4th wall while keeping it thematic and making it just fit perfectly.

You’ll see a lot of little details like this that just make this game amazing. Lore about the world and the quest you’re on is given out through random scrolls laying about. They are packed with humor and knowledge about the world and the bosses you’re set to come against.

Throughout your quests, you will also find special events. Ever want to participate in a goblin birthday party? Free giant creatures from torture and befriend them? All of this and more are possibilities. You play each of these out by rolling the famous D20 and through this, you determine your fate. You can even roll multiples (if you have them) to strengthen your odds! It’s a great addition to the game. It makes each scenario unique and keeps runs fresh.

Current Features and Beyond

Summoners Fate begins its early access journey with a number of features packed into the game to keep you busy for quite a while.

  • 4 Worlds to explore, each with its own events, characters, and bosses
  • 8 Summoners to guide you through an adventure, each offering a unique ability for you to master
  • Over 30 characters to meet through world events, all of which can join your adventure
  • Over 300 cards you can collect on your quest to build the perfect deck
  • PvE Battle mode is the perfect arena to master your favorite Summoner

There is also a lot more to come in future updates. While there is no official list with dates, I was able to get an idea from the developers about what is coming to the game. In addition to the things listed below they also want heavy community involvement. Being community-driven developers they will add and adjust things based on the needs and wants of their players which is extremely notable.

  • 2 New Biomes (Ice and Caves)
  • 12 New summoners (20 total)
  • More cards and encounters
  • Multiplayer (including real-time and async PvP as well as a cooperative battle mode)
  • Enhanced AI

You can grab Summoners Fate today (June 20, 2022) on Steam for $19.99 USD, £15.99, and €16.99. And you can definitely expect a review from this title when it leaves early access but for now, you can check the game in action on my YouTube channel. Happy adventuring!

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