Humble Bundles Fight for Racial Justice Bundle goes live

Continuing with the charity for Racial Justice, Humble Bundle has just released their newest bundle. The Fight for Justice Bundle. 100% of the proceeds will be going to three charities, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward, and The Bail Project. At the time of this post, it’s already raised $966,913!

The bundle has 50 games and 25 books and comics, and a 1 month free of Humble Choice coupon for new subscribers. You can grab this bundle for $30 and snag yourself some real gems all while helping a great cause.

Gems in this bundle include Spelunky, Baba is You, Neo Cab, Elite Dangerous, Plunge, and Kerbal Space Program to name a few.

The bundle will last for the next 6 days. You can get the bundle here.

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