Hive Defender is a new real-time tactics game announced today

Hive Defender, from solo dev Underground Alien Studios, was announced earlier today. It is a unique and frantic real-time tactics game with a unique twist. The game is able to be played solo or with friends and has you controlling 4 alien hives simultaneously from waves of humans. This takes place in a fully destructible and procedurally generated labyrinth where you fend off the humans from defeating your alien nests.

Your strategy comes in the form of creating lanes for the invading humans. Trap them within death rooms where you could use 2 hives to take out the invaders. Send the humans into decoy areas allowing your hives time to destroy other waves. Or even use the local flora that possesses harmful properties to those that pass by. There will also be a huge range of unlockable abilities to work with. I’m a sucker for unlockables!

What I really love here is the interesting concept of handling so many different hives if you go for solo play. This truly will make the gameplay a chaotic go but interesting no less. This formula’s success will definitely be based on how long you get between waves, I would think. I also love the idea of being able to team up with a friend to do this. Horde mode with friends is always a recipe for fun. The art also drew me in. It’s minimalist but with character in each model found in the game. These art styles can make a game feel so unique.


  • Play as 4 different alien swarms simultaneously
  • fully destructible and procedurally generate labyrinth like hives
  • unlock special perks
  • team up with friends or play alone
  • play as the alien and defend yourself from the invading humans

Hive Defender will be released in 2022. For more information check out their Twitter, Steam, and website.

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