Hidden Gem Spotlight – Townscaper

Townscaper by Oskar Stålberg, creator of indie strategy game Bad North, could be argued that it’s more of a tool than a game but wow is it addicting regardless. I’ve sunk a fair amount of time these last few weeks into this game. My time with this really showed me that I need to cover this gem. It’s so good!

In Townscaper you get to create towns. You start with a large section of ocean and as you click on the grid (optional to display) you will bring in walkways. Click in the same spot and you’ll get a house. Your house’s color can be changed on the left side of your screen too. Though it’s very simple there is a lot that can be done within Townscaper. You can have buildings being held up by supports over the ocean. Roadways running underneath. You can have houses with steeples, and beautiful gardens and parks. The things I’ve made and seen others make are just really amazing showings of what this game can do.

The game allows you to save every creation as well as share a text string of your creation that anyone could then load your town into their game. Just search on twitter alone under #townscaper and you will find tons of amazing builds and their Pastebin to put it into your game. Just look at this amazing 8 Hour build!

Townscaper can be found on Steam for $5.99. I highly recommend it. It’s fun to create towns and is incredibly zen-like while doing so.

Grab Twonscaper on Steam. Also follow it’s creator, Oskar Stålberg, for more Townscaper news.

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