Hidden Gem Spotlight – RITE

Despite the frustrations I get from them, I have always been a precision platformer fan. Maybe it comes from growing up in the NES era playing all the platformers I did but they hit that nostalgia feeling so well. It feels like home. I had so much fun with Super Meat Boy and absolutely LOVED Celeste. So now we have a new contender to add to my list of favorite platformers. RITE from Pond Games released a few weeks ago and it is a gem you do not want to miss.

RITE is a room based precision platformer. As you can see from the images above it is also a beautiful pixel art style game, always a plus in my book. In RITE you have 5 worlds with roughly 32 levels in each to beat. Each has square coins to grab and a key to grab to unlock the door to the next level. There are spikes, saws, axes, and many other obstacles that block your route.

RITE is built with speedrunning in mind. The game has an optional built-in timer for you to track your runs. The game’s movement is also amazing. It feels so good to run around, jump, and traverse walls and other obstacles. It’s tight, accurate, and just feels right. The world also adds to this feeling of speed with a fully animated background with plants and world objects moving in the wind. For the most part, each area allows for different ways to complete the level as well as making different strategies to get that faster time much more vast.

Another area that this game really shines is its amazing soundtrack. Each world has it’s unique accompanying soundtrack and I cannot stop listening to them! Even the sound effects are amazing. Hearing the axes cutting through the air creates a level of dread as you’re about to attempt a new challenge. The sound of your jumps, the collection of coins, and every other sound effect are just so fitting and truly adds to this gem.

While currently there is no story the developer has mentioned they are entertaining the thought for future updates. Much like other games like this, I agree that a story would truly benefit this game. It doesn’t need to be complex but give the player a purpose for putting themselves through this hell. However, it’s not completely necessary and if it never comes, it doesn’t take away from an already great game.

For those that love platformers, and a challenge. I highly recommend this gem and suggest you grab it. It’s a lot of fun, amazing to listen to, and just beautiful. It’s also super reasonably priced at $4.99.

You can get RITE on Steam and Itch.io. You can follow the developer on twitter and you can get the soundtrack on itch.io now too. OST by Grand Prize Big Fuzz.

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