Hidden Gem Spotlight – Breakpoint

I love arcade games. Growing up I spent hundreds of dollars and hours with friends playing games and topping each other’s scores. Now Breakpoint, from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and Studio Aesthesia, has become a new obsession of mine. It has been filling my breaks from work and any other slot where I have 10 minutes to play a game. It’s simple, fast, colorful, and rewarding to play. Its fast gameplay keeps me coming back chasing that high score.


Breakpoint is described as a twin-stick, hack ‘n slash arcade game. The look immediately brought me back to playing Geometry Wars and fighting for the high score with roommates. Unlike Geometry Wars, in Breakpoint your weapon isn’t a gun, it’s axes, swords, spears, and hammers. There are 12 enemy variants, some shoot, some chase, and others are like Tron bikes making impassable walls while they try to run into you.

The game takes place in a single arena where enemies teleport in wave after wave. As you destroy your enemies they drop stars to level your items up, multiplier increases, and weapons. As your weapon increases in charge level, it’s attacks change but this is limited to only so many hits before your weapon “breaks” and a massive explosion results. Using these breaks can destroy massive hordes of enemies and save you from death.

An interesting and really cool feature the developers have put into this game is it’s replay feature. You can click on any name on the leader board and watch their replay to see what tricks someone did to claim their spot. I find myself even re watching mine to see where I went wrong and where I can improve.

If you like arcades games, especially if you liked Geometry Wars, give this game a go. It’s controls are tight and you will find yourself chasing that score and forgetting about the rest of the world. It’s price is so good too and makes this a definite buy at $4.99 USD.

Grab Breakpoint on Steam and Make sure to follow The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild on Twitter and check out their website.

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