GUNHEAD and four more games

I might as well say it now in case I write something unrelated to this article. I am currently working on five pieces, of which this article is one. So I have as many words in my head as there are games in this year’s installment of the Steam spring sale. Yes, you read that right. Yet another Steam sale is upon us. And much like my bank account, I am sure yours screams out of pain as well. If not, it will before the sale event ends.

Now, we all know I could go on and on about our options and make our bank accounts scream even more. But I will not. Oh, you did not see that one coming, did you? I will not make any other recommendations than the 5 games below this week. I will, however, direct you to Orbital Potato and Wanderbots videos where they discuss some of the options you can pick and choose from. Yes, I rather them be responsible for you getting a visit by the debt collector after buying to many games.

With that said. I know how we act around sales events. We ignore everything new that gets released in favor of finding that older game with a steep sales price. Nothing wrong with that. It is a sound way of spending your money after all. Still, I hope that you will give some of the games in this week’s list a chance.

Life of Delta by Airo Games


Mortal Sin by Nikola Todorovic


  • Game: Mortal Sin
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Nikola Todorovic
  • Publisher: Nikola Todorovic
  • Release type: Early access
  • Release date: March 15, 2023
  • Platform: Steam

Flame Keeper by Kautki Cave


Toy Tactics by Kraken Empire


GUNHEAD by Alientrap


Several years later

I do not know about you, but I already have my eyes on one of the games. I just need to find time between the pieces I am working on and the other games I have to play. It is a good problem to have unless you hate games and what it stands for. But I would like to play a game the same year it released and not several years later.

Is it the same for you, or do you have a more healthy relationship with games than I do? Whatever the case may be, I will see you here next week with a new list, and to my surprise, a positive review. Until then, take care, and remember to blame Orbital Potato and Wanderbots if you buy to many games!

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