GamesCom 2020

Covid-19 has made 2020 an interesting year for gaming conventions. Pax East managed to go as planned but E3, PAX Australia & West all canceled. The last two however changed to an all-online format. Gamescom 2020 has opted to go online as well which for indie devs and gamers really comes as a positive. Normally travel and tickets are an issue for people to attend but both GamesCom and PAX Online will be free to all that wish to attend. This will hopefully get even more eyes on some amazing upcoming games.

GamesCom 2020 will be having their online virtual convention starting today at 10 pm CEST and will continue to August 30th. The Indie Arena Booth 2020 will be your portal to developers and their games. there will be 195 developers and many games for you to try free. Head on over to the Indie Arena Booth to register so that you can partake in this online convention. You can also watch games on the Indie Arena Booth Twitch Channel.

News will continue to come on this event so stay tuned in and as always we can chat in the Indie-Gems discord.

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