Fast and frantic roguelite FPS gets a huge update

One of my favorite roguelites that released this year is a FPS called Roboquest. You play a guardian robot brought back to life to protect a survivor. As you and her travel through the land you fight off other robots bent on destroying you and your human friend. Gathering guns, and upgrades along the way to get to safety. The game is fast, frantic shooting that is reminiscent of Tower of Guns or Mothergunship.

whats in the update?

The 0.1.2 update for Roboquest was planned to be a small update but there was so much that it ended up being a rather large update. With this update came a large set of system changes and experimental features to improve the gameplay experience.

Steam GIF

Introducing, The Powerslide. I have been saying on stream since the alpha that this game just felt like it NEEDED a powerslide. Well, the devs heard the communities calling for it and they have delivered. Hitting crouch as you are moving will make your robot slide.

We decided to opt in for a slide rather than a dash because we needed a lateral dodge which could not be performed mid-air. We already had a very agile (and complex) mid-air movement and we did not want to add more complexity on top of that.

weapon affixes

A new system for weapons that will be coming in the future Autumn update has been partially implemented in this update. Weapon Affixes give random bonuses to the weapons you loot. Currently, in this update there are 15 different affixes with more planned for the future. This was planned to be held back for the next update but they wanted to start getting feedback to shape this system.

gameplay changes

Some other major changes to this update are a rework of existing systems. The recon ability has been reworked, cooldown-based abilities instead of based on cells, attribute rework, scope rework and health flow changes being the highlights.

These were just some of the big highlights for the update and many more changes can be found in the full patch log and there’s a lot with many more updates to come. Check out the Roadmap below to see a list of things planned.


Grab Roboquest on Steam and follow them on Twitter for updates.

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