Experience life in the neon-lit voxel city of Nivalis

Discover the captivating voxel cyberpunk city of Nivalis and step into a world with neon-lit towers that extend into the sky, and the hum of hove cars that fill the atmosphere. Developer ION LANDS has brought back the world of Cloudpunk in a new and interesting way!

Nivalis, a voxel cyberpunk city, is a unique slice-of-life simulator. A new trailer (below) for the game was recently unveiled exclusively at the PC Gaming Showcase. In this game, you decide the life you want to lead in Nivalis. Start your business by opening a food stall, noodle stand, or even a stim store. Gradually build your way up within the vibrant nightlife of the city with a bar, restaurant, or nightclub. The game offers a plethora of choices, and it’s entirely up to you to decide your destiny.

Nivalis provides a breathtaking experience with realistic weather simulation and day-night cycles. Form relationships with a diverse cast of characters, and experience the excitement of the city, one bowl of noodles at a time. But, be warned, nothing comes easy in Nivalis. You will have to face gangs waiting to harvest your organs, get fined by the Corps for breathing, or struggle to keep the failing ground beneath your feet. And then there is ‘The Aseptic’, a mysterious serial killer who leaves no trace behind and adds to the thrill of the game. It’s up to you to strive and make a fortune in the city or sit back, relax, and enjoy fishing your days away.

Key Features

  • Experience your simulated life in Nivalis, and choose how you spend your time each day.
  • Manage businesses like restaurants, ramen stands, or nightclubs.
  • Buy or grow your own ingredients.
  • Explore the city with your own boat and go fishing.
  • Decorate your home or buy and customize a new one.
  • Discover the stories of the people you meet in the city, your friends, and your customers, and maybe even find

Still curious to know more about Nivalis? Check out the behind-the-scenes motion capture production video on Nivalis which was recently revealed at the Guerilla Collective MIX Showcase.

Players can wishlist Nivalis on Steam and the Epic Games Store with the game set to release in 2024. Whether you want to live in the fast lane or take it slow, Nivalis is the perfect place to explore.

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