End of Summer Releases to Empty Your Wallet

Indie Radar – August 2023

So I’m late with this month’s Indie Radar and I totally missed last month. Some great games have launched recently though. Games like Techtonica (Early Access look), Roto Force, and Battlebit: Remastered have had my attention as of late. August however is looking to bring a number of new games you should check out too!

Notable Releases:

Where to even begin this month? I am super excited for Sea of Stars. I backed it in Kickstarter immediately because of my love for the developers first game (The Messenger. Must play if you’ve not) and the Suikoden series. Pumped to get the Jet Set Radio inspired Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. If RTS and tower defense if your jam then do not pass up on Thronefall (I covered this on YouTube). What are you excited for? Let us know below!

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