Drake Hollow’s mysterious world is on it’s way to PC

The Molasses Flood’s new game Drake Hollow has been out since August 28th on Xbox One. Now PC gamers will get to experience this haunting title on October 1st. The game takes place in The Hollow, a haunting and mysterious archipelago that mirrors our world. You’re tasked to help the local vegetable folk, the Drakes, either through solo play or co-op. Forage, gather, build, and defend your camp from hordes of feral beasts that wish to harm the Drakes and yourself. Utilize unique weapons from tennis rackets to ski poles and other household items you find through the Hollow. Explore and find the secrets the world of The Hollow holds.

As you explore the archipelago and gather materials, you will need to keep an eye on the Drakes back home. Raiding monsters can come at a moment’s notice so having paths to get home quick is a necessity. Not only are you defending from the ferals, but you must create a base that keeps drakes happy. They can literally die of boredom. Creating an entertaining and safe environment is key to success with the Drakes.

Drake Hollow will be coming to PC via, Windows Store, Game Pass, and Steam on October 1st. In a little over a week you and your friends can begin caring for, entertaining, and surviving with these little vegetable folk.

To get more information check out The Molasses Floods website and social media.

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