Devolver Direct 2020 Recap

Today Devolver Digital presented their Direct showcase for the year. We got game announcements, trailers, and release dates for upcoming Devolver games. We also got a continuation of the Nina Struthers storyline that has been building for the last 4 years.

The following are those trailers and game announcements from the direct.

Shadow Warrior 3

Fall Guys August 4th release on PS4 & PC

Carrion July 23rd release date Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC


Serious Sam 4 August 2020 release

Nina then brings the truth to the people. She rips apart everyone and their consumerism and demands that we deserve better. She then gives us that with which we deserve:

DevolverLand Expo – Checkalook

A digital Expo that allows you to demo games, find unlockables, and have a whole new digital convention experience with games at the forefront! Grab it free on steam and try the above games out! Check out the full direct below!

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