Devolver Direct 2020 is coming!

Thanks to COVID-19 a number of game conferences got canceled this year. Some participated in giant conventions digitally, BitSummit and PAX to name a few, and a few publishers have held their own conferences, Sony and the upcoming Microsoft presser. When E3 canceled I can honestly say I was bummed out. I understood it but I really looked forward to the week of seeing tons of upcoming games, especially indies. One specific publisher always has my attention for their pressers have always been the most entertaining ever since they began showing them in 2017. Thankfully Devolver is keeping with tradition and the Devolver Direct will be airing July 11th at 12 pm PDT on their Twitch channel.

For those that don’t know, Devolver is one of the most well-known indie game publishers. They have titles like Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, and Enter the Gungeon to name a few. They’re also known for doing their own thing and proudly showing that to everyone. They’ve taken a stand against the E3 presser and the ESA and fought for the little guys. With all this, they had their “non-presser, press conference” at the 2017 E3 and showed the world what and who Devolver is.

The conferences

This first conference was a clear satire to the over-hyped and corporate press conferences that the rest of E3 shows. Coining the term CheckALook, the show was funny, gore-filled, witty, and arguably the best part of E3 2017.


2018 brought us another E3 and another amazing Devolver Presser. They had quite a bar to top, could they do it? Of course, they could. With more gore, more satire, and more wit. Taking a hit at loot boxes, they partnered with Limited Run Games and you could buy a fake cryptocurrency called LootBoxCoin. The story of these pressers also really started to form with this conference (I don’t want to spoil a thing.)


Onto 2019’s Devolver presser, the Devolver Motherfucking Direct! Taking a cue from Nintendo and Sony lowering their E3 presence in favor of short videos that people can get outside of the E3 show. A show packed full of game trailers and the announcement of Devolver Bootleg, a bundle of “ripoffs” of devolver games for a cheap price.

2020 coming

Here we are, 2020, no E3 and people have been stuck inside for months. People missed these conferences, and life is changing. Thankfully we will have another Devolver Direct. I cannot wait to see more upcoming games, hopefully, get a release date for the super fun Fall Guys, and see more of this story they’ve had with all their press conferences since 2017.

So mark your calendars and #CheckALook at Devolvers Twitch Channel on Saturday, July 11th at 12 pm PDT. You won’t be sorry.

Check out all things Devolver over on their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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