Demon Turf Trails, compete for in-game rewards and glory!

Demon Turf is an upcoming 3D platformer from Fabraz, the creators of Slime-San. We checked it out in September during the Steam Autumn Game Festival and really enjoyed it. It hit on all the nostalgia of a 3D platformer but it had a more modern feel and is aimed at speedrunning. Today Fabraz announced that this month Demon Turf Trials will be coming for free!

The Trails

This free version of the game will allow you to play the first level and compete in the leaderboard on weekly challenges. Not only will this be a fun way to play more of the game and get ready for the challenge the game presents; there will be an in-game reward to the leader of these trials at the end of each week in the form of being immortalized in a portrait!

You can head over to Steam now to wishlist the trials and get notified when it becomes available later this month. Also, make sure to follow Fabraz on Twitter and check out their website.

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