Deceive Inc and four more games

I have no idea how I should start this article. See, we went from more than 410 released games, DCLs, and other miscellaneous content updates per week to me having to bring out the magnifying glass to find a dozen items to pick and choose from for this week’s list. Yes, I sure had my work cut out for me this week. But as you can see, I did it. I managed to find five worthy items we can all enjoy today. Well, that is not entirely true. One of the said items will be released in May.

Another game that is set to release in May is Above Snakes by Square Glade Games. Yes, I played a demo of that game at one point. I know it was before they signed with Crytivo. But that is as far as my memory goes. For obvious reasons, I will not make any comments based on that demo. I mean, it would not be fair even if I enjoyed what I played. Luckily there is a new and improved prologue available that we can base our opinions on.

Now, before you run off on me to try said prologue. Make sure to take a look at this week’s highlights first. You can find everything from singleplayer adventure games to multiplayer action games. Yes, I threw a wide net this week in the hopes of you finding something to enjoy. So without further ado, here are the highlights of week 12!

Deceive Inc by Sweet Bandits Studio


Beyond the Wall by Rocking Toy


The Safe place by Anate Studio


Monster Racing League by Flightless


Wildermyth – Armors and Skins by Worldwalker Games


  • Game: Wildermyth – Armors and Skins
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Worldwalker Games
  • Publisher: Worldwalker Games
  • Release type: Announcement
  • Release date: May 4, 2023
  • Platform: Steam

My pony is in jail

There is of course more news on the horizon, one of which is about Wartales that got released by Shiro Games as an early-access game in December 2021. I have yet to play the release version and cannot make any comments on its content. But the last time I played the game the royal guards threw my pony in jail. If that is still a thing I suggest they build a bigger jail because I am about to give them plenty of reasons and ponies to throw in jail.

But my plans aside. What are your plans? Are you planning on playing one of this week’s highlights, or will you go on a weekend trip to recharge your batteries for the upcoming week of work? Whatever you decide to do I hope to see you here next week for yet another list of highlights. Yes, I have done this for years and have no intention of stopping as long as there are games to talk about.

Until we meet again. Stay strong, and take care!

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