Birth and four more games

I would not say I am on a proverbial roll. But I have been rather productive this week. At least in terms of writing articles and making sure my old family man of an editor got around to publish them. I mean, this article is published, right? I sure hope so. If not, my research was all in vain. Let me correct myself—it was. To some extent at least.

See, I had a game on this week’s list that I didn’t foresee removing and much less for the reasons I removed it. Here is the thing. The game started strong out of the gate. But some odd hours later it started to drop dead flies around itself at a steady pace. It is not that I necessarily think it is a bad game. But when a game manages to lose more than 10% of its popularity in a couple of days my synapses start to throw up cute little red flags.

On the subject of flags. Each game in this list has some kind of flag in it. If they are not part of the backdrop they are there to represent a checkpoint. One game even has balloons in it. But do not treat them as a checkpoint. I tried and can verify they are just there for your visual enjoyment and nothing else. And guess what else is for your enjoyment? That is right—the list below!

The Last Starship by Introversion Software


HELLCARD by Thing Trunk


Elderand by Mantra & Sinergia Games


  • Game: Elderand
  • Genre: RPG, Metroidvania
  • Developer: Mantra, Sinergia Games
  • Publisher: Graffiti Games
  • Release type: Full release
  • Release date: February 16, 2023
  • Platform: Steam, EPIC, Switch

Dust & Neon by David Marquardt


Birth by Madison Karrh


Game: Birth
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Developer: Madiscon Karrh
Publisher: Madison Karrh, Wings
Release type: Full release
Release date: February 17, 2023
Platform: Steam

The week of variety

I think we got a good spread of games in this week’s list. Each game has its own style and is part of its own genre. More often than not, you find two of the same and so on. But this week was exceptionally good. I would go as far as to say that this week was the posterboy of variety. I mean, I found a puzzle-focused climbing game after all! But that is the only other game you will get in addition to the five above. If you want more than that, you will have to wait until I come back with a new list next week. Until then, take care!

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