Big announcements from today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Nintendo has been pushing to support indies with the Nintendo Switch. They really have done a great job of promoting and making the handheld console a great home for indie games since it’s launch. Today Nintendo’s Direct was an entirely indie game focused show and brought some big news with it. Check out the games announced below.

Hades – Fall 2020

Hades from SuperGiant Games released into early access on PC in 2018. This roguelite pits you, the son of Hades, against the minions of hell as you try to escape. With help from your Aunts and Uncles on mount Olympus, you fight and die your way through this beautiful setting, and story with the trademark amazing soundtrack to accompany you. For PC owners this release will mark the exit from early access.

Hypnospace Outlaw – August 27 2020

This retrofuturistic internet simulation game originally launched on PC last year and is now making the jump to the switch, Xbox one via gamepass, and PS4. It will be available on Switch on August 27th.

Spiritfarer – Out now!

Spiritfarer from Thunderlotus (Sundered and Jotun) is a game where you help the recently deceased cross over into the afterlife all while managing the boat you use to escort these spirits. Make friends, fish, play music and so much more in this beautiful tale. Available today on PC and Switch.

Garden Story – 2021

This adorable action-adventure game has you playing as a grape that is tasked, as the new Guardian of the Grove, with rebuilding the grove and bringing the community together. This adorable game will be coming to Switch and PC in 2021.

Bear Breakfast – 2021

You’re a bear that wears clothes and runs a Bed and Breakfast for humans. I don’t think I need to say more. This will be a timed Switch console exclusive launching in 2021.

Card Shark – 2021

From the developers of Reigns comes their next game, Card Shark. In card shark, you will become versed in the art of card manipulation in 18th century Europe. Coming to Switch in 2021 with PC to follow.

Manifold Garden – Out Now!

The surreal and MC Escher like game, Manifold Gardens, which originally made its debut on PC and iOS is coming to Switch today and then followed by PS4 and Xbox One.

Many more are planned to come out so check out the video of the Indie World Showcase below and let us know what you liked and are looking forward to on twitter!

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