Beekeeping sim, APICO is sweet as honey

Sim games are a favorite here at Indie-Gems. The ability to relax doing some real-life tasks virtually just draws me in all the time and if you throw crafting in on top of that. Sold. So it’s understandable why a game like APICO got my attention so quickly. In APICO you are a beekeeper in this adorable earthbound styled world that clears your way to make the bee farm of your dreams.

beautiful world

Currently, APICO is in early development but there is a demo available to the public to try out your hand at being an apiary mastermind. You start out with a guidebook that walks you through the ins and outs of the game mechanics and also rewards you with workshops, bees, and supplies. You have a tiny home to start as your base and will eventually be able to expand. Do you want to be a modest beekeeper enjoying the countryside or, would you rather be a beekeeper of extravagance? As the saying goes, “The world is your oyster.”

building your bee farm

There are some basic bee species you start with, and hives and flowers are everywhere in the game. You can breed unique bees and even find a variety of bees known as “verge” bees, or as I call them “water bees” because their hives are located in the shallows of the water surrounding you.

checking your hives

Crafting is quite unique in APICO. You make everything from floors, walls, and roofs, to your tools and hives. What’s really interesting is the way they have you interact with the workshops. the first builds will require you to use your mouse in a sawing motion to cut logs for example. It’s simple but a nice touch to continue to set this game apart from other sims.

unique crafting

The demo is early and there isn’t too much of a purpose yet, but with constant updates, a dev that interacts and listens to the community, this game is becoming quite a gem that I eagerly look forward to.

Follow the developers over on Twitter and wishlist APICO on Steam. Grab the demo here.

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