Autumn is here and it’s time for more game demos

Back in December 2019, the Steam Game Festival started alongside The Game Awards. It originally showcased 13 upcoming games with limited time demos. Soon after valve followed up with a spring edition with it running for five days and upped to 40 games to try out. Seeing great success Valve upped it for their Summer Game Festival and brought us 900 demos to cover in a week. It was daunting.

Now on October 7th Steam is bringing back the Autumn Game Festival. It is planned to run from October 7 – 13. There will be game demos and developer chats running during this time frame.

Valve has been quiet about how this one will run aside from the dates. I sincerely hope that they change their approach. While giving everyone the chance to try out a large number of games, 900 is an overwhelming amount and I can’t help but think maybe shining the spotlight on a curated bunch would prove more beneficial. I may not do streams of the demos as I did in the past, but I definitely will try to post about a few demos that stood out to me.

Check out the Steam Autumn Game Festival here and let me know what demos you liked in the comments below!

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