A Space for the Unbound and four more games

The things I do for you people. It is Saturday morning over here, and my time is 3 am. Yes, I have had an eventful week and am now running a tad bit late. I mean, this article was supposed to be done no later than Wednesday after all. But it is better to have something to do than not, right? Even so, I do hope your week was less hectic as stress can have an adverse effect your health. Now that I think about it, the same can be said for one of the games on the list as well.

The nerve-racking way of life

I will not spoil it for you. But I will say this—I would rather go on a date with Michael Myers than deal with the alternate reality in The Bad Kids or 隐秘的角落 as the game is called in Chinese. Yes, the name of the game seems to weave in and out of this alternate reality as well. See, when I opened the game the title screen said Cat’s Cradle. But do not let the three different names dissuade you from trying the game. It is actually quite good.

On the subject of things that are good. I have to check up on my cranberry and chocolate-chip cookies and make sure I do not burn them to a crisp. It would be beyond unlucky if I did as these are my only motivation to survive the weekend. So yeah, while I do that, take a look at this week’s highlights and I will see you when you are done!

The Bad Kids by Aluba Studio


  • Game: The Bad Kids
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror
  • Developer: Aluba Studio
  • Publisher: LightOn Game
  • Release type: Full release
  • Release date: January 18, 2023
  • Platform: Steam

Definitely Not Fried Chicken by Dope Games


A Space for the Unbound by Mojiken


Rain World: Downpour by Videocult


Ozymandias – Mesoamerica by The Secret Games Company


I wish this was the end

So, you managed to find your way down here, eh? Let me guess, you persevered the entire way because you want to know if I burnt my cookies or not, right? I might have. But my slightly burnt cookies aside. Did you find a game or DLC in the list that looks interesting enough to wishlist or buy? Or would you rather make a comment about why The Secret Games Company and Goblinz Publishing are selling 1 map DLCs for Ozymandias? I know I would. But that is a subject for another time. Until then, take care, and make sure to come back next Saturday for a new list!

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