A sequel to My Time at Portia has been announced

*disclaimer – I backed this game on kickstarter prior to writing this article*

Indie game developer Pathea Games have announced a Kickstarter for the sequel to their farming sim RPG hit, My Time at Portia. My time at Sandrock will be set in the same world as the first game; still inspired by Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki. My Time at Sandrock is set to release to Steam Early Access in March 2021. The full release is due for next-generation consoles, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch in summer 2022. The Kickstarter trailer is below:

My Time at Sandrock was originally meant to be DLC to My Time at Portia. However, as the game developed they realized they needed a full new game to truly tell the story of Sandrock. The devs wanted better graphics, better optimization, more story, satisfying gameplay systems, and a meaningful multiplayer experience. Things immediately became apparent that production values across the board would need to be better.

First, Sandrock will have a similar pathos to My Time at Portia, but offer a completely new experience with new types of gameplay… Second, we wanted to have the overall story arc be more satisfying, but also with more focus on each individual NPC. Third, we’re going to have a dedicated single-player RPG and a special mode where friends or strangers can play together. Fourth, optimize it and make it as bug-free as possible… Fifth, make sure the sound and voice-acting in this game are up to standard. Finally, we’re going to self-port to the consoles so that we can make sure all the content is consistent across all platforms.

The game

In My Time at Sandrock you’re recruited as the town builder. The shops are dilapidated, abandoned, and the townsfolk are leaving. It falls on you to unite the town and rebuild it to glory.

We are aiming to give the player a truly satisfying feeling when the game “ends”.

The game will still maintain the simulation and RPG balance of the first. Something those used to the Rune Factory games would feel right at home with. The world will be vast and open to you to explore and harvest all kinds of minerals. There are plans for mesas, deep canyons, deserts, salt plains, ruins, and much more.

The world of sandrock

While My Time at Sandrock will chronologically take place at the same time as My Time at Portia, the world will be unique and very different. Sandrock is within the Eufala Desert next to Martle’s Oasis. It lays on top of an ancient metropolis that originally attracted prospectors to the city. However, the oasis dried up and was unable to sustain the large population, and people left leaving the city to crumble.

The people that have stayed are unique and each has complex personalities and backstories. Many have romance options and almost all can be friends which will unlock quests that build out their individual stories. NPCs will feel more alive by having them interact with you and other NPCs instead of staying to themselves.

Features and stretch goals

Story – Similar to Portia, Sandrock will offer a deep narrative filled with villains and heroes. There will be more insight into how the Free Cities operate. The story carries a similar theme to its predecessor. That people can overcome adversity when working together.

Multiplayer – The dev plans for a specific mode for multiplayer that doesn’t impact single-player development. The plan is for 4 players in the open map, separate from the single-player map. You will be able to work, fight, and explore together and complete multiplayer specific missions and story.

There are many other features coming to My Time in Sandrock. The workshop for building machines and finishing commissions from townsfolk. Farming, which you will have many ways to utilize your harvest beyond just earning extra money. Relationships will be implements from forming friendships to finding someone to start a family with. Relationships will be a core aspect of the game by rewarding you with special quests and perks. There are a plethora of systems coming like Battle, skills, dungeons, mini-games, animal rearing, holidays, and more!

My Time at Sandrock has already raised $118,946 of its $100,000 goal with 25 days to go for its campaign. If you liked My Time at Portia, this game looks to build on that success by offering big system improvements. Check out the Kickstarter and follow Pathea Games on Twitter.

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