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Indie Radar – April 2023

The last day of March is today and you know what that means; Indie Radar for April is here! March came in kicking off spring with some great offerings. Games like Final Profit, Dredge, Tchia, and more. There was a little something for everyone to enjoy. April will be giving you plenty to play while hiding from those showers waiting for May’s flowers. Let’s check out what is on the way below.

Notable Releases:

    • April 1
      • Crab Champions (PC)
    • April 3
      • Spiritfall (PC)
    • April 4
      • Road 96: Mile 0 (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox)
      • Meet Your Maker (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
    • April 5
      • Wall World (PC)
      • Necrocity (PC)
      • TerraScape (PC)
    • April 6
      • Song of the Prairie (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox)
      • Ravenswatch (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
      • Curse of the Sea Rats (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox)
    • April 7
      • The Library of Babel (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
      • Oxygen (PC)
    • April 10
      • Miniland Adventure (PC)
    • April 11
      • Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (PC)
    • April 12
      • Flooded (PC)
    • April 13
      • Hunt the Night (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
      • Beyond the Long Night (PC)
      • Shardpunk: Verminfall (PC)
    • April 18
      • The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • April 19
      • Moons of Darsalon (PC)
    • April 20
      • Coffee Talk Episode 2 (PC)
      • Stray Blade (PC)
      • Greedventory (PC)
      • OTXO (PC)
    • April 21
      • Grief Trigger (PC)
    • April 24
      • Shadows of Doubt (PC)
    • April 25
      • Afterimage (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
      • Roots of Pacha (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)
    • April 27
      • The Last Case of Benedict Fox (PC, Xbox)
      • Bramble: The Mountain King (PC)
      • Ash of Gods: The Way (PC)

    There are so many games this month, I don’t know how to choose! As a huge fan of Hotline Miami OTXO really has my attention. Ever since covering Beyond the Long Night when it was announced I’ve been dying to get my hands on the game as well. One that I love just because the art gives me that Saturday morning cartoon vibe from my childhood is Curse of the Sea Rats. What are you looking at getting this month? Let us know below!

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